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During the manufacturing process, every Light Gauge Steel Framing industry producer faces different types of wastes. The most common are:

  1. Punched waste: This waste includes service hole coins, lip cuts, notches, end trusses (chamfered ends), etc. Punched waste is inevitable, as they are the result of an essential and unavoidable part of the project design.
  2. Profile and strip waste: This waste is produced at both the start of the machine process and when a material coil is depleted. This type of waste is challenging to reduce or eliminate. The variability in the amount of this type waste produced makes management and reduction efforts unreliable.
  3. Profile offcuts: This type of waste is generated during the transition of two different profiles in the production process. CSVizer is specifically engineered to perform this task efficiently! CSVizer optimises every CSV file to ensure the output has the perfect order of components for production. Millions of combinations are processed to select the best one and minimise waste weight.
How it works
How to setup
At the moment we support the following equipment manufacturers: Howick, Arkitech, Dahezb, Unbak.

Waste management

CSVizer provides a full and comprehensive report for your project waste management, including:

  • A report on waste quantities and weight for every punch tool.
  • The total weight of the project.
  • The final weight of the project, excluding the weight of punch tools (net project weight).
  • The weight of generated offcuts before and after optimisation.
  • And many more!

As a result

Using CSVizer our users:

  • SAVE money on steel, reusing it for future production, instead of selling waste as scrap.
  • PROLONG the lifetime of knife tools.
  • SAVE machine processing time and allow operators to PRODUCE MORE frames.
  • SAVE energy and lower CO2 emissions.
  • Easy project management.
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